Don’t judge me for getting a dog from a breeder

Tired of the side eye for choosing to go to a breeder. People love to lecture me on adoption. They don’t want to hear that you’ve tried to jump through all of the hoops at several rescues and still got denied. They don’t care that you’ve painstakingly researched reputable breeders. All they want to hear is their own self righteous BS. Ugh.

My puppy was well socialized when I brought her home. She was fully vetted. No Parvo, no worms or parasites No surprise health conditions

All of this and the breeder doesn’t care that I have a full time job or that my fence isn’t 12 ft tall. Or that I rent. Or that I have young kids. Or any of the other ridiculous stipulations they want to enforce.

Vent over! Enjoy your puppies folks!

Edit: Wow! I didn’t expect this to blow up. I honestly thought that I was sitting at the top of a hill all by myself but obviously I was mistaken. All of your support and well wishes had really lifted my spirits today. Moral of the story “adopt or shop from a reputable breeder.”

I still wish it was easier to adopt and I never meant to sound anti rescue. I was just frustrated with the experience I had. It looks like so many others as well. Sucks to get rejected and see the poor dogs picture posted for months or done even years waiting for the perfect family when there are tons out there that may have a hiccup or two but definitely responsible and up to the task.

Again thank you all for the support. And go give your pups a snuggle for me. Adopted and bought!!!!

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