Who else lucked out with their rescue dog!?

After reading the post about why people choose to go through breeders rather than rescuing, I’m feeling extremely grateful we ended up with such a good rescue pup.

Golden Retriever

We started looking for a dog in April. We wanted to adopt by the end of May as that’s when my son was out of school and able to give our new pup his full attention. We let our son decide on the breed and he decided he wanted a Rottweiler. I reached out to all the local reputable breeders and sadly there were no pups available. We then went to our local Rottie rescue. There were three pups available and one just spoke to me. He had the biggest smile on his face and I fell in love.

We were lucky we got to adopt him and life has been amazing since. We found out he is 0% Rottweiler (which was ironic) from a DNA test, he’s a lab/bully/Pitt/bulldog/Akita mix in that order. He is naturally the sweetest dog we have ever owned, he is so goofy and so playful. He walks around the house with a big ol’ goofy grin on his face. He is eager to please and loves to learn new commands. He is very social and loves attention. He loves meeting new dogs and doesn’t bark/bark back. He gets compliments everywhere he goes.

I’m not sure how we got so lucky, but I feel like rescuing our pup was 100% meant to be. I even recently learned that his birth mom has the same name me! (I am a woman with a “boy” name and not a cute name either, not a name you would name a girl dog..)

I want to hear more stories about those who have rescued and ended up with the best dog!!

4.5 month old golden retriever puppy ran away

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