My smartypants dog taught me her signal for water!

I live in an area where it’s now grossly humid and hot. My companion, wrapped in her thick, fur coat really struggles in this weather (husky mix), and I carry a water bottle with me on our daily walks so she can drink when she needs to. But I have trouble figuring out when she will drink so I offer water frequently. The walks aren’t long and we go early in the morning but she still has a hard time even though she needs *some* kind of walk, short as they are.

Anywho, I noticed that she would start doubling back to me and booping my left leg, which I, as a stupid human, thought she was just saying hi. Out on a hike one day, she happened to do that about the same time I was planning to stop for a water break and my brain finally connected.

I found a water bottle that opens up into a bowl and on this morning’s walk, my little smartypants signaled three or four times by booping my leg and then eagerly drinking the water, making for a bit of a better walk in this swamp-ass weather.

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