My senior schnauzers is in the hospital with pancreatitis

My senior schnauzers is in the hospital with pancreatitis – hopefully for a full recovery. Just wanting to talk I guess.

She and her sister have been with me 3 months. They are both 13 but my Heidi has a history of pancreatitis. I’ve kept them on prescription food for it and I make sure everything I feed them is low fat. I definitely overdo it on treats but with vet permission because they both lost weight last time I visited and always low fat, low cal treats. I just like giving them treats because food is all they care about. The vet said it’s unlikely low fat dog treats caused the flare up, but to reduce what I give them now.

Any stories of tremendous pancreatitis recoveries? She was home for 4 days but she kept having diarrhea and was clearly feeling really sick and then stopped eating and drinking. We’d been at the vet daily for subcutaneous infusions and on meds so I hope I caught it early and she’ll be fine in a day or two. But I am NOT OKAY!!! Luckily my other girl at home is loving being an old child for a while. If she was sad I wouldn’t be able to take it.

I know no one can know what is going on with my dog and how each individual case will turn out but I would still like to request that everyone here guarantee me that my dog will fully recover very soon. Thank you.

Who else lucked out with their rescue dog!?

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