Having a really, really tough time with my boyfriend (because of new puppy

So we have a 3 month husky mix and SHE’S NOT THAT BAD.

Before we got her I checked in several times to make sure he was POSITIVE he wanted a puppy, I told him in detail how much work they are, how often they need to be let out for potty training.

Other than being nippy and having a tiny bladder she’s really good. I got her learning her name, commands, loving her crate, waking on a leash, organized puppy socialization.

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I organized a schedule that works so her can do whatever wants and things run smoothly while I’m at work. (He’s kinda a gig worker so doesn’t work many hours and he’s home with her)

She naps for hours in her crate then he acts like she’s annoying him when she wants out to potty or for lunch.

Then he takes for a “walk” but if she needs encouragement to walk well he gets annoyed and then he gets home and leaves her in her crate.

All the work I do on weekends or before after work is undone because he won’t follow though; on training, walks, he usually takes her potty on the balcony rather than downstairs.

He’s the one who went onto the shelter and fell in love but won’t do any research.

Every time I say she’s a good girl or is making progress he gives me a dubious look.

I don’t regret my puppy. I regret getting one with him.

Dr Bryan Goodchild,” has spent his life working toward better health for pets and the people who love them. He is the founder of Likeablepets.com , which works to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.

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