Am I wrong? I adopted a dog from a county shelter

I adopted a dog from the shelter in November 2021. They had it for 7 days. The 2 women that found the dog roaming in the streets AND the shelter posted signs everywhere and had posts about her In Facebook/lost pet pages and missing/found pet pages. Those posts are still searchable. At intake – Dog was also not microchipped, not spayed, and her fur was long, matted and ragged.

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I saw the pups pic and thought she was cute just needed some love and a good grooming. Went to shelter and signed up to adopt in case her family never came. 1 week passed and I legally adopted. As a dog lover/doggy foster – I felt someone had to be looking for this sweet girl. I figured maybe the owner was maybe sick, elderly, deployed, hospitalized, in jail, had an emergency etc so I’d give it a month or 2 to reunite her but nothing ever happened.

Fast forward 9 months later to today…. I’m browsing our neighborhood Facebook page and this guy posts about his dog who went missing a “few” months ago. Wants to find it. It’s absolutely the same dog because the coloring/markings are very unique. The pictures are spot on. It’s the one I adopted

I’m at a loss. They say it’s been missing for a “few” months. What a liar! It’s been almost 9 months since I adopted this dog. WHO does this NINE months later?!! There is no way I want to communicate with him. But my family says I should.

I thought – maybe this guy had an issue? Military? Medical etc? But NO. I stalked their social media – not a single “my dog is missing” post. There are a ton of clubbing, going out and living my best life Instagram moments. All in the past year. All in the time frame I’ve had the dog. The man is smiling and posing for the gram and nothing about this dog. Frankly there are zero pictures of the dog on their socials. Not until today – when he posted “Im looking for my dog.” He’s in his 30s so it’s not like the internet is a mystery to use…

Today i also searched every possible local webpage and social media group etc for our area. There has been zero posts from this man about his dog missing until today 9 months later. So the “I’ve searched forever and everywhere” does not apply. There is also ONE main Facebook page that everyone here uses for anything (the only place you’d post) and nothing.

This is my dog now. I love her. Legally I know I’m fine. I went thru the shelter and signed the documents. She got spayed, microchipped and has a regular vet and groomer. But my family says I should contact the former owner. I think that’s not an option. 1st I love my dog. And 2nd – for what?! People are crazy and will do crazy things. Especially someone who 9 months later suddenly decides to “look” for their dog.

Also – since the dog has a unique coloring here I am Waiting for a neighbor or someone at the dog park to be like heyyyyy isn’t that the dog someone is looking for? SMH

Thoughts? Thank you in advance for all the comments/input!!

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