4.5 month old golden retriever puppy ran away

Our 4.5 month old golden retriever got the zoomies outside tonight and came out of his harness. He sprinted away and I sprinted after him but it was like he vanished. I ran upstairs (2nd floor apartment) and told my boyfriend he ran away. We’re both in full panic mode and left the front door cracked slightly as we ran downstairs to look for him thinking he’ll probably be sniffing or eating something near by.

Golden Retriever

We are sprinting around our complex screaming his name. We split up to cover more ground. Some neighbors hear the commotion and start searching with us. My heart rate is pounding faster than ever and I feel like I’m going to puke. I’m holding back sobs as I come closer to the reality he really might be gone the longer this is taking. Like where could he be? He’s not a runner, he’s way too lazy. He must have been stolen. He’s gone forever.

I don’t have my phone so I sprint home to get it. Our door is open but I really don’t think much of it. I barge in and there’s my puppy… sitting on the couch looking at me like “hey ma, where’d ya go?”. He definitely felt my energy because he then gave me the biggest greeting as I sobbed tears of relief. He must’ve looped our building and went home. He was there the whole time.

We’ll laugh about this.. some day..

I will outlast you

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